[RC Heli] How I got hooked on RC Helicopters

Devo 12S w/ case

Devo 12S w/ case

Devo 12S?, Mini-cp? Well, if you have been reading my blog for some time this is definitely a post out-of-the-norm, but I think you should no longer be surprised to see posts about rc helicopters here. I caught the “heli mania flu” while I had free time on paternity leave last month (thanks to my wife and grandparents!). The darn sickness will not go away – all I think about is developing the skills necessary to fly like this guy! It all started when my wife bought our five year old a 20$ cheap ccoaxial toy helicopter from the local store. After setting it up, testing it out and quickly mastering how to fly without crashing within a day or two I started reading about rc helicopters all over the net and watching all the YouTube video I could until I decided to buy one for myself.

This my friends is how I ended up with the “heli mania flu” and it will not go away! Well, not yet at least. 🙂 Since my addiction I have purchased:

It all added up to a pretty penny, but I will not complain – not all the money you spend will be for a good cause! I would not have bought the phoenix simulator with the dx5e, but it was said it would not work with the DEVO 12S without a special adapter which I also ordered. Well, my son how has in own 5-channel transmitter to practice. However, to my surprise the DEVO 12S worked fine with the Phoenix Simulator software without a single hiccup and without the special adapter I ordered. I was able to fly all model helicopters and planes.

I look forward to more posts on the DEVO12S since I am completely fascinated with it. I plan to post the setup up configuring Phoenix simulator with the DEVO 12S and how to update the firmware so it can fly with non-Walkera helicopters. I am still a noob at flying rc helicopters, but below are some really useful information that helped increase my knowledge about the hobby, though I still have much, much more to learn!

For now I will stick with the simulator until I master my orientations, circuits, lazy-8s and all the other basic maneuvers. Let’s just say the mini cp will now be used for dissection. Either the mini cp is just too fragile or I crashed it way too many times! 🙂

Check out this 11 year old, Tal Roglit, fly the Raptor G4 E720.

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One Response to [RC Heli] How I got hooked on RC Helicopters

  1. jase says:

    hi can you contact me i have a devo 12s and want to know what cord did u use and when u plug transmitter into computer should it come up with anything? thanks

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