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[Google Cloud] IAM – Service Accounts

Google Cloud Service Accounts: Service accounts are accounts used for the sole purpose of running your application. Some may also refer to this as the application processing identifier. Google uses the term service account. To identify a service account an … Continue reading

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[Swift] Extra argument ‘completion’ in call

In iOS 8 SDK Development, the use of a closure to act on a response from the user when we ask them to use their twitter account produces the following compilation error: The error is misleading because there is no … Continue reading

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[Swift] How to Pass By Reference via The Use of ‘inout’

  When defining a function the keyword ‘inout‘ is used in front of the variable name to denote an in-out parameter, which sets up the function as a kind of “pass-by-reference” function. Note, this is not real pass-by-reference as the variable … Continue reading

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[Swift] expressions require OS X 10.10 / iOS 8 SDKs or later

The successor to Objective-C, Swift was announced by Apple in 2014. Instead of waiting I decided to start learning this language in order to add it to my “bag of tricks” as one of my professors would say. Considering I … Continue reading

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[Futaba] 14SG Transmitter Programming Tips

I came across this very useful video the other day,¬†Futaba 14SG Radio Programming Tips. It is extremely useful for anyone with a Futaba 8FG [Super] or 14SG transmitter. I initially thought the two dials (LD and RD) were useful for … Continue reading

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[Panasonic] Another Television For the Holidays? I Think Not!

On October 5th 2011 we purchased our very first flat screen television. After weeks of researching and speaking with colleagues I decided to go with Panasonic. We purchased from the Electronics Expo a Viera 50″ G25 Plasma (TC-P50G25). The whole … Continue reading

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[RC Heli] How I got hooked on RC Helicopters

Devo 12S?, Mini-cp? Well, if you have been reading my blog for some time this is definitely a post out-of-the-norm, but I think you should no longer be surprised to see posts about rc helicopters here. I caught the “heli … Continue reading

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