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[Swift] Extra argument ‘completion’ in call

In iOS 8 SDK Development, the use of a closure to act on a response from the user when we ask them to use their twitter account produces the following compilation error: The error is misleading because there is no … Continue reading

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[Swift] How to Pass By Reference via The Use of ‘inout’

  When defining a function the keyword ‘inout‘ is used in front of the variable name to denote an in-out parameter, which sets up the function as a kind of “pass-by-reference” function. Note, this is not real pass-by-reference as the variable … Continue reading

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[Swift] expressions require OS X 10.10 / iOS 8 SDKs or later

The successor to Objective-C, Swift was announced by Apple in 2014. Instead of waiting I decided to start learning this language in order to add it to my “bag of tricks” as one of my professors would say. Considering I … Continue reading

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[Futaba] 14SG Transmitter Programming Tips

I came across this very useful video the other day,¬†Futaba 14SG Radio Programming Tips. It is extremely useful for anyone with a Futaba 8FG [Super] or 14SG transmitter. I initially thought the two dials (LD and RD) were useful for … Continue reading

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[Panasonic] Another Television For the Holidays? I Think Not!

On October 5th 2011 we purchased our very first flat screen television. After weeks of researching and speaking with colleagues I decided to go with Panasonic. We purchased from the Electronics Expo a Viera 50″ G25 Plasma (TC-P50G25). The whole … Continue reading

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[RC Heli] How I got hooked on RC Helicopters

Devo 12S?, Mini-cp? Well, if you have been reading my blog for some time this is definitely a post out-of-the-norm, but I think you should no longer be surprised to see posts about rc helicopters here. I caught the “heli … Continue reading

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[BSDA] Certification Holding Due to Expire in 2013

When I took my BSDA certification exam back in August of 2008 it was on a whim. It was offered at Columbia University. I reviewed the exam objectives a few days before and passed the exam with flying colors! Since … Continue reading

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