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[Solaris] Jumpstart ERROR: (_app_set_slice) Disk is not selected

Today I attempted to leave work early and kicked off my jumpstart installation just before leaving. Waiting to see if the drives would configure before leaving I noticed a failure shortly thereafter: …edited… Executing SolStart preinstall phase… Executing begin script … Continue reading

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[Unix] bash$ ssh xmalloc: zero size

On a Solaris 9 system, ran into the following problem when trying to ssh to another host (Solaris 10): bash$ ssh <host> xmalloc: zero size Aparently this is a know bug on solaris 9. The quick fix was to: edit … Continue reading

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[Unix] Solaris: metadb failed to enable/disable SVM service

Noticed the following error while performing a jumpstart install to Solaris 10 (1008-u6).         – Creating  (c2t1d0s6) Creating SVM Meta Devices. Please wait …         – Creating SVM State Replica on disk c2t0d0s7        … Continue reading

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Oratcl Libs: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64

Could not complie Oractl today for the life of me, until a buddy at work pointed out I need to manually edit: generic/oratcl.c to contain: pt2_obj = Tcl_NewStringObj(“lib32“, -1); pt3_obj = Tcl_NewStringObj(“libclntsh”SHLIB_SUFFIX, -1); instead of: pt2_obj = Tcl_NewStringObj(“lib “, -1); … Continue reading

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