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FreeBSD: Allow/Configure outgoing mail with Sendmail

If this is the initial configuration of sendmail, then edit: Edit: /etc/mail/ repleace, FEATURE(`msp’, `[]’)dnl with, FEATURE(`msp’, `[<ip-of-mail-host>]’)dnl or with,  FEATURE(`msp’, `[<domain-name-of-mail-host>]’)dnl Then, in /etc/mail, run: # make all install Otherwise, edit /etc/mail/ (about line: 114) to have: D{MTAHost}[<ip-of-mail-host>] or … Continue reading

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“\rm -fr *”: F***K!! Not me…

Damn it! I mistakenly removed all the files from /usr/local/. I usually do not use “\rm -fr *”, but it happened so quick by the time I could hit Control-C it was too late! I knew I was in /usr/local, … Continue reading

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