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[Tcl] My Quick and Dirty Palindrome Script

I was looking at changing my managed hosting provider to DreamHost and saw they were hiring for Systems Administrators. To apply for the position, they require one to write a Palindrome script in Perl. Being the non-Perl wizard that I … Continue reading

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[Certifications] Goal List

I have not been a big fan of certifications and do not plan to start today. -:) Some companies just care about all the certs in the world and the more you have the better and some simply do not. … Continue reading

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[Juniper SSG] DHCP Not avaliable for Sub-Interfaces

After opening a case with Juniper I was made aware that I cannot have a DHCP server associated with a sub-interface on an SSG-Series security device under the following conditions: The device has firmware version 6.1.X or below The device … Continue reading

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