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[Puppet] Adding The Schema for Storing Node Definitions In LDAP

Puppet allows the storage of node information in LDAP. For this write-up I will detail how to configure an Oracle Directory Server to store node information that can later be used by a puppet server for the retrieval of node … Continue reading

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[Solaris 11 Express] Configuring Samba via ZFS for use in ActiveDirectory

“Eh, I checked everywhere! I cannot find that smb.conf. Where could it have gone!?” And I thought he was lying when a colleague of mine mentioned this, trying to enable samba. Well, I checked and could not find any trace … Continue reading

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[Perl] It is never too late to learn!

All these years and I have never had the need to seriously learn perl until now. While searching for a good beginners guide I was particularly interested in a decent Computer Based Training (CBT), but that was hard to come … Continue reading

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[GnuCash] MacPorts Compile

Finally! Just finished with the compilation and installation of GnuCash using macports on my PowerBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.5.8: Now, that took long enough — one hour and forty five minutes! Thought I would share. -;)

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[AIX] DBX Installation

‘Free’ online packages of the AIX debugging tool, dbx, are hard to find. In fact, I do not believe it is freely available unless someone copies it from their installation medium and places it online. My searches turned up nothing. … Continue reading

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[TR-069] Verizon FiOS Uses It — But So What?

I became interested in TR-069 after figuring out my Verizon FiOS router had the capability to be remotely managed by it, allowing my mind to wonder about a couple of “what-if” situations. However, I can see the benefits of this … Continue reading

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