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TonicSystems: Adding PowerPoint to Google “Docs & Spreadsheets”

Today, while looking through my ports tree for software to manipulate Microsoft PowerPoint documents (.ppt), I came across tonicpoint-viewer/pkg-descr, stating that: The TonicPoint Viewer is a standalone Java application that allows you to open and view PowerPoint presentations on any … Continue reading

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OpenOffice: On my FreeBSD ThinkPad

From Recommendation is FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE (__FreeBSD_version>=602103). Looks like I should not have any problems, since I recently built a “new world and kernel”. My uname and ports are all up to date: thinkpad# uname -a FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE … Continue reading

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Solaris: Adding a Remote Printer

Before I forget and have to resort to the man page for each option, below were steps used to setup a network printer on Solaris 10. Check the man page should more information on a particular option be needed. bash-3.00# … Continue reading

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[GNU Screen]: Making life just a tad-bit easier

Aliases for GnuScreen: Because I try to be a neat freak, most of the time, -:) I have all my aliases in a separate file, ~/.aliases, which include all my aliases. -:) Here are my aliases for GnuScreen: alias sls … Continue reading

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