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[iPhone] Upgrade to iPhone4 from iPhone 3G

Today I decided to upgrade to the new iPhone 4 and apply the iOS 4.2.1 update recently released. The idea was to wait until the summer 2011 to take advantage of the new model that would hopefully be released, but … Continue reading

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[Data Mining] HITS Algorithm Example in Tcl

Hyperlink-Induced Topic Search (HITS) is a system used for evaluating the usefulness of a web pages on the Internet. HITS establishes a website as an Authority or a Hub. Authorities are those sites that are linked to by Hubs. And … Continue reading

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[Mobotix] Q24M Firmware Upgrade to

I just completed the upgrade from to It went unsurprisingly quick and smooth. The firmware MPL file can be downloaded from the Mobotix site.. The whole process took less than three(3) minutes to backup the config, upload the … Continue reading

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