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[Linksys SRW2008MP] Cisco’s low-end Gigabit Switch w/ POE

My Linksys SRW2008MP Gigabit Max POE Switch just arrived today! My impressions were the switch should be cheaper then what it is, but nonetheless it does what it is intended. Model Name // <![CDATA[// SRW2008MP Hardware Version 00.03.00 Boot Version … Continue reading

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[Mobotix] Hemispheric Q24-SEC-D11. My Choice!

The choice of a surveillance camera for use on my property was an unexpected expense. Purchasing a camera to monitor my property was not at the back of my mind until my property was “vandalized”. By whom? I have no … Continue reading

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8P8C Connectors: What an RJ45 should be called

While looking for patch cabling types, mainly Cat5/5e or Cat6/6a, to run through my house and outside, I was surprised to to find out RJ45 is a “misnomer”, now used to refer to ethernet-type computer connectors. The correct name for … Continue reading

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[AIX] Applying an APAR

In IBM speak ¬†an APAR simply is a formal report that describes a problem with an associated quick-fix. APAR stands for¬†Authorized Program Analysis Report. Its’ main purpose is to describe and produce a workaround for a “bug” found on the … Continue reading

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