8P8C Connectors: What an RJ45 should be called

While looking for patch cabling types, mainly Cat5/5e or Cat6/6a, to run through my house and outside, I was surprised to to find out RJ45 is a “misnomer”, now used to refer to ethernet-type computer connectors. The correct name for this beloved connector is 8P8C, eight position eight contact. The RJ45 was originally a Telephone-only standard, similar to an RJ11 connector that was meant to be used with high speed modems. From Wikipedia:

…telephone RJ45 8P connectors never saw wide usage and computer 8P connectors are quite well known today, RJ45 is used almost exclusively to refer to Ethernet-type computer connectors.

…Virtually all electronic equipment that uses an 8P8C connector (or possibly any 8P connector at all) will document it as an “RJ45” connector.

Good to know.


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