[AIX] Applying an APAR

In IBM speak  an APAR simply is a formal report that describes a problem with an associated quick-fix. APAR stands for Authorized Program Analysis Report. Its’ main purpose is to describe and produce a workaround for a “bug” found on the target system. The “workarounds” are often identified by a unique ID  released by IBM when a customer or IBM itself  spots  the problem within their AIX sytem.

The APAR that will be applied in this post relates to the following “bug” on AIX 6.1, oslevel -s, 6100-01-02-0834. A brief problem description is as follows: “Procstack does not work on AIX 6.1 for programs containing a JVM“. 🙂

To install the APAR:

  1. Acquire the packages either via FTP or physical media. Note that you can search anywhere on the IBM site (www.ibm.com) by entering the APAR ID into their search box.
  2. If the APAR was downloaded localy, run “inutoc .” in the same folder where the packages are. In this case the package files ending in (*.bff) reside under the folder:  ../APARs/IZ71944
  3. Change directory to the target directory and run “smit update_all
  4. In most cases a reboot is required after installing the APAR
# pwd

# inutoc .

# smit update_all .

Follow the on screen prompts and commit the update when ready.


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