[RedHat Enterprise Linux] Entitlement, Entitlement, Entitlement, Entitlement, Entitlement, Entitlement… Advanced Platform!

Whew… I am out of breath! Paul Allen, wanna give it a shot? Anyway, checking to see if your RedHat Enterprise Linux server has “Advanced Platform” is not as easy as ‘cat-ing’ /etc/redhat-release or running crazy rpm query strings for the slight chance of seeing anything useful. For example, Linux Questions suggested:

rpm -q –queryformat “%{VERSION}” redhat-release | more

to help determine if you were running “Advanced Platform”. Apparently it waked worked with RHEL 4.x, but not with 5.x when I tested.

I can’t believe I had to open a case with RedHat to determine weather our RHEL had the “Advanced Platform”. Even connecting to the RHN did not show anything as blatant as “Your system has Advanced Platform”.

Searching google showed a lot of crappy results such as “if you don’t have Advanced Platform” then your installation of RedHat Enterprise Linux will not support more than two-cpu sockets. That’s just bull! But, after opening a ticket with RedHAT it was apparent we had “Advanced Platform” as it simply mean you have access (entitlement) to clustering software packages that are not available otherwise. “Advanced Platform” is just marketing gimmick for RedHat to obtain additional monies.

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