[Mobotix] Hemispheric Q24-SEC-D11. My Choice!

The choice of a surveillance camera for use on my property was an unexpected expense. Purchasing a camera to monitor my property was not at the back of my mind until my property was “vandalized”. By whom? I have no idea… What happened? It’s minor, thinking of worse things that could have happened, but minor enough to heighten my paranoidal senses.

Early one morning I woke up to hear water gushing on the lawn outside. To my surprise the water hose was chopped at the neck and the water was running all night. The spary nozzle was stolen and all the connectors form my drip line gone! After that first incident I filed a police report, then motion sensor lights were installed before purchasing my second set of gardening equipment. Guess what? A week later the water supply was back in service it happened again! This time, the spray nozzle was left in place and not taken. However, the water hose was cut at the neck, again!

It was this repeated event that prompted me research security cameras. I was determined to catch the thieve! Mind you, motion detection lights were already installed on the property. Obviously someone was watching and had a problem with me watering my poor lawn and garden. That really worries me. After researching various types of cameras for about a week or two, I decided on the Mobotix Hemispheric Q24-SEC-D11 camera. At just under one grand, it was not cheap for consumer purchase! The wide angle, fish-eye, lense is what sold me among other things, but I wire up about my impressions will follow this post soon. Surprisingly, I compared Axis to Motobix in my final run before coming at a decision, but more on this later.

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