[Certifications] Goal List

I have not been a big fan of certifications and do not plan to start today. -:) Some companies just care about all the certs in the world and the more you have the better and some simply do not. However, I think it is a good solid credential to have especially if you work in an area where your skill set may cover them. And, in this always competitive¬† market it could give you the needed push. Fortunately, my job does not require it and having it would not hurt. I would just like to accumulate some certs underneath my belt for a rainy day. I have two already, but a little more would not hurt. As Steve Jobs once said: “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

I am looking to obtain some or all of the following in no particular order in time:

  1. BSDP (BSD Professional Certification)
    URL: http://www.bsdcertification.org/certification/professional.html
    Useful Sites:

    • I plan to use the book: “The Design and Implementation of BSD”
    • There are many sites on the web, but I think a large part of being able to successfully pass this cert will be from hands-on self training and prior experience with BSD systems. It is really too new to purchase any books that will cover just this exam, at least not yet.
    • BSD Professional JTA Survey Report
  2. JNCIS-FWV (Juniper Certified Internet Specialist for Firewall and VPN devices)
    URL: http://www.juniper.net/us/en/training/certification/firewall/jncisfwv.html
    Useful Sites:

  3. SCSA (Sun (now Oracle) Certified System Administrator)
    URL: http://in.sun.com/training/certification/solaris/scsa.xml
    Useful Sites:

    Comments: With Oracle being ever so competitive after its acquisition of Sun Microsystems and with Oracle’s “huge line of complimentary businesses holders will continue to prosper with an SCSA (eHow).

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