[BSDA] Certification Holding Due to Expire in 2013

ImageWhen I took my BSDA certification exam back in August of 2008 it was on a whim. It was offered at Columbia University. I reviewed the exam objectives a few days before and passed the exam with flying colors! Since then, I have been using mainly Solaris 11 for hopes of passing the Solaris 11 Advanced Certification. So, I am sure I probably forgot a good portion of BSD Administration by now! It was on my mind recently that the BSDA exam would expire this year, but never gave it further thought. Coincidentally, the other day I received a pleasant surprise email from Dru Lavigne, the mother of BSD stating the my certification would expire after 2013.

In August and in Philadelphia, at the FOSSCON, the BSDA exam was offered, but I did not make it. However, I was surprised to learn that the BSDA can now be taken at select testing centers.

The BSD Certification has partnered with ISO Quality to offer the BSDA exam and will probably offer the BSDP once ready.

The fee for the exam is $150.00 US and can be paid for at the following link:

Unfortunately, once registered for the exam there is an additional fee to change the date. Be ware! Though, you have a year to book and take your exam once the fee has been paid.

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