[Futaba] 14SG Transmitter Programming Tips

14SGI came across this very useful video the other day, Futaba 14SG Radio Programming Tips. It is extremely useful for anyone with a Futaba 8FG [Super] or 14SG transmitter. I initially thought the two dials (LD and RD) were useful for pitch and throttle curves, but it just got in the way if they were not properly centered. I find it best to disable them both:




Other useful tips include:

  • Disabling Pitch and Throttle Curve Points
  • Disabling Trims
  • Simplifying Exponential Setup



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2 Responses to [Futaba] 14SG Transmitter Programming Tips

  1. Ed says:

    Looking for instructions on how to set up airplanes only using futaba14sg radio…

  2. Ed says:

    how to program …buddy box using futaba 14sg radio…using simple English…bullet point method

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