[QNAP] New NAS — TS-569L-US: Just Ordered!

ImageMy QNAP will be delivered this week, in time to start the new year (2013) off right! During my waiting period I started searching for the right memory module to upgrade from 1GB to a total (max) of 3GB. The exact type of memory to use for this QNAP NAS is not disclosed, but on the QNAP website they are selling 2GB for over $150.00 USD!! And, I am not buying that!

After searching the forums one member recommended Kingston KVR1333D3S8S9/2G, which could be found really cheap, for about $10-$30 dollars online. Another member suggested that the memory module inside their TS-269L is that made by ADATA. Based on the specs provided by QNAP on their website:2GB DDR3-1333 204Pin SO-DIMM RAM Module, I decided to purchase the following memory module from Amazon.com: ADATA Premier Series DDR3 1333Mhz 2 GB. The reviews are pretty fair and I will try my luck!

For the harddrives I am starting off with three (3) x 2TB Western Digital Red Drives, ordered right from Amazon! They will be used in a Raid-5 configuration for a total of 4TB, which should be enough for my need for now. I have been very luck for the past five (5) years without having to ever change a single drive in my Hammer N1200 and is still running fine now! **Knock on wood** :).

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