[Oracle] Changing your user password

Changing the user password on an Oracle instance is easier than I thought.

SQL> alter user <username/schema-name> identified by <new-password>;

Where username/schema-name is the name of the user you would like to change. And, new-password is the new password for username. For example to change the user ‘john’ password to ‘calvin’ perform:

SQL> alter user john identified by calvin;

Alternatively, at the SQL prompt you could just type ‘passwd’, which will interactively walk you through changing the password as the currently connected user. To change the passwd for another use, supply that username as an argument to ‘passwd’. This works the same was ‘passwd’ is used on Unix systems. Here’s an example:

SQL> password
Changing password for JOHN
Old password: 
New password: 
Retype new password: 
Password changed
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