[AIX] Obtaining HBA Model Information

On recent Solaris versions, finding the lun information is pretty straight forward and non-cryptic compared to its rival AIX. Trying to find the lun information on AIX was not at all bad, but trying to figure out who the manufacturer was for that particular fibre channel card was.

  • Finding Lun information on AIX (tested w/ version 5x and 6.x):

# lscfg -vp -l fcs0
Feature Code/Marketing ID…280D

Name:  fibre-channel    Model:  LP11000 Node:  fibre-channel@1    Device

Ok, now I know the model of the card, LP11000, but we definitely have to look up the manufacturer code somewhere else. A quick Google search shows this model card being made by Emulex and there I get all the information I need. And, thanks to this person I could have also visited the IBM site and searched on the Feature Code “280D“, which identified this card with the following specs:

4 Gb Single-Port Fibre Channel PCI-X 2.0 DDR adapter (FC 1905, 5758, 5761; CCIN 1910, 280D)

On Solaris, the single command “fcinfo hba-port” returns most of what is needed to document system components.

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