[Gmail] Missing Feature [Mark-Undelete]

Just thought about an option that would be really useful in Gmail. Maybe there is a workaround that could achive the same thing, but I have not yet found it.

Wouldn’t it be great if in Google’s Gmail one could set/mark a message as “un-deletable” so it is not accidently removed when performing a removal-all operation? For example, I was performing a little inbox cleaning in my Gmail account an typed the the search box the term: “in:ZDNet”. Since I receive a lot of ZDNet emails, many of which I would like to read, but never get to them, I like to remove them about one a month when my inbox get cluttered. However, returned result will also bring up personal messages where I mentioned the word “ZDNet” and if I am not careful and select “delete all messages”, well… that the end of my important messages.

Yes, I could fine tune my search query, but I it would also be useful to be able to mark a message as “unmountable” until I was ready to really delete it.

What do you think Good or Bad Feature?


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