[Solaris] DSEE: Cannot start admin console

I was running into problems trying to start the admin console after installing Sun Identity Synchronization for Windows 6.0. Trying the launch the console successeded, but I could not authenticate and was certain that the username and password I entered was correct.

Here’s a screenshot:


Checking logs…

bash-3.00# pwd

bash-3.00# tail -f error
[27/Apr/2009:17:29:22] security ( 1242): for host serpent.<domain>.com trying to GET /admin-serv/authenticate, basic-ncsa reports: user admin password did not match pwfile /var/mps/serverroot/admin-serv/config/admpw
[27/Apr/2009:18:11:39] security ( 3450): for host serpent.<domain>.com trying to GET /admin-serv/authenticate, admin40_host_ip_check reports: Unauthorized host ip=::ffff:xxx.xx.xx.x, connection rejected

Changed, manually the “../config/admpw” to something I knew, but that did not help.

However, running “dsccsetup status” lead me to a clue:

bash-3.00# dsccsetup status
DSCC Application is registered in Sun Java (TM) Web Console
DSCC Agent is registered in Cacao
DSCC Registry has been created
Path of DSCC registry is /var/opt/SUNWdsee/dscc6/dcc/ads
Port of DSCC registry is 3998
DSCC registry is not running. You may start it using:
/opt/SUNWdsee/ds6/bin/dsadm start /var/opt/SUNWdsee/dscc6/dcc/ads

However, that did not solve the problem -:)

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