NAS Storage: Hammer myshare

My older EIDE hard drives are failing!!! After 6 years they have been running fine, but recently I noticed major “click-click” noises while the disks spin. This scares me since I have no free space anywhere. I need to act fast! So far I have stored critical files on DVD, but for long run I am purchasing my very own storage solution:

HAMMER myshare HN1200-1000 1TB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache Network Hard Drive

Though I would like to have RAID-5 the hammer currently can only do RAID 0 or 1. This is good enough for me, for now at least and I can not wait until it arrives:)

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11 Responses to NAS Storage: Hammer myshare

  1. dg says:

    I’m probably going to get some the same device. Have considered units from D-Link, Thecus + HP.

    Let us know how you like it!

  2. swinful says:

    I sure will. The current shipping status is: “In Transmit”
    Weight 11.00 LBS
    Estimated delivery 04/24/2007

    If all goes well I will have it tomorrow. We’ll see.

  3. BuddhaChu says:

    Got one of these device a few months ago myself an LOVE IT! I’m now trying to mount the myshare image file they have available for download to see what it would take to hack in the VLC server to stream media files from a myshare.

  4. swinful says:

    Nice! Let me know how things make it. I would love to hear the details.

  5. BuddhaChu says:

    Well, I did a Google search for “myshare hack”…and found my own post from months ago. Not a good sign.

    I emailed tech support asking them how to mount the image file as I couldn’t get it to mount. Thye gave me some corporate answer like I “couldn’t do that” or whatever. The machine runs BusyBox which is Linux under the GPL2 license so if I wanted to be a dick about it, I could throw that in their face and tell them to supply the source code as mandated by the GPL license.

    I may just do that and ruffle some feathers. Especially sicne they haven’t fixed the bug I submitted to them about their web interface being dorked up. I even showed them the correct CSS code they needed to use to fix it.

  6. GotNas says:

    Essentially, you want to:

    /bin/dd skip=0 count=1 bs=5120 if=N1200_V1_3_1.img of=tmp_img1.bin
    /bin/dd skip=5 count=1 bs=5120 if=N1200_V1_3_1.img of=tmp_img2.bin
    cp N1200_V1_3_1.img N1200_V1_3_1.img.orig

    /bin/dd seek=0 count=1 bs=5120 if=tmp_img2.bin of=N1200_V1_3_1.img
    /bin/dd skip=1 seek=1 bs=5120 if=N1200_V1_3_1.img.orig of=N1200_V1_3_1.img

    cp N1200_V1_3_1.img N1200_V1_3_1.img.orig

    /bin/dd seek=5 count=1 bs=5120 if=tmp_img1.bin of=N1200_V1_3_1.img
    /bin/dd skip=6 seek=6 bs=5120 if=N1200_V1_3_1.img.orig of=N1200_V1_3_1.img

    mkdir img
    /bin/tar zxf N1200_V1_3_1.img -C ./img

    Happy hacking. šŸ˜‰

  7. mindbender says:

    @GotNas….what do you want to tell us? do you mean the “Thecus” N1200 ? if yes then submit that info please at our wiki at

    @others: i consider to create a subwiki for “hammer”… …. is there interest for it?

    and yes we NEED to annoy them until we get the GPL sources….and threaten them to submit that issue to…..and if they still do not provide it somehow then really submit that issue there.

    in case they want money for it (20 – 30 dollars maybe) then pay it. we then upload it to so noone else has to pay it anymore. there are other vendors that do it the same way…..buffalo did it and synology still demands money.

  8. mindbender says:

    ok, just noticed the “H” is missing of course talk about the HN1200.

    still interested if someone is interested in a hammer wiki. tell me by sending an email to mindbender (at) gmx (dot) at

  9. GotNas says:

    I was talking about the Hammer Myshare N1200.
    These are the commands used to retrieve the software from an image.

    Hammer does not have the source code because they outsourced the development to a Chinese firm and they didn’t give them the source, if I understood correctly.
    See for all the information.

  10. mindbender says:

    i reformatted your article. please check if everything is working ok?

    cp is the normal way to copy files, i thought we should use it.

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