Solaris: Fetching Daylight Saving Time (DST) Patches

I came across a handy script, written by Paul Martin for pulling patches remotely.

Patch Check Advanced (pca) generates lists of installed and missing patches for Sun Solaris systems and optionally downloads patches. It resolves dependencies between patches and installs them in correct order. It can be the only tool you ever need for patch management on a single machine or a complete network. Just one perl script, it doesn’t need compilation nor installation, and it doesn’t need root permissions to run. It works on all versions of Solaris, both SPARC and x86.

Great work Paul, works like a charm!

To download all missing patches for the current server, simply doing:

./pca -d missing

will download all patches up to date.

For the patches I needed all I had to do was:

$> ./pca -d 108993-65 109809-04
Using /var/tmp/patchdiag.xref from Feb/27/07
Host: server_name (SunOS 5.9/Generic_118558-24/sparc/sun4u)

Patch IR CR RSB Age Synopsis
—— — – — — — ——————————————————-
109809 — < 06 R– 16 SunOS 5.8: timezone data patch
Download 1/2: done

108993 — < 66 RS- 19 SunOS 5.8: LDAP2 client, libc, libthread and libnsl libraries patc
Download 2/2: done

Download Summary: 2 total, 2 successful, 0 skipped, 0 failed

$> du -k *

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