Invitation: Oracle 10gR2 RAC & Data Gaurd Workshop

I received an invitation last week, to attend two Oracle Workshops this week and the next. The workshops are:

1) Oracle 10gR2 Real Application Cluster for the Enterprise

Participants in this workshop will have hands on configuring and installing Oracle Clusterware, using SwingBench against two RAC nodes to generate load, and test Rolling upgrades just to name a few.

2) Oracle 10gR2 Data Gaurd for the Enterprise

Participants in this workshop will install Oracle on two test servers. The second server will be configured to have a physical, Redo Apply, standby database. Participants will test switch over, failover, and Fast Start Failover. The final step will include creating a logical, SQL Apply, standby database which will require examining reporting capabilities.

Because of my work schedule, I am only able to attend the first and will attend the second at a later date. Learning hands on and asking questions is one the best ways to learn. The only requirement for these workshops is to have a laptop with VNC installed. This should not be a problem, my ThinkPad T43P with BSD has all the prereq and more. Moreover I will try to capture the essentials of the workshop I attended at on on later date.

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