>A Ruby in one hand is worth more than a thousand Perls

>Oh Ruby.. what a beautiful Gem you are. You grew more beautiful as the days went by.

My first encounter with the Ruby programming language was when I took Programming Languages my Sophomore year in college. This was about three years ago. Then, Ruby was listed as one – of about a dozen languages we could choose from – on which, we could present for extra credit if we wanted extra points. I must say, I wish I would have kept up with what I was reading back then about Ruby, because now I am so excited about RubyOnRails (RoR) that I am now revisiting Ruby.

Before RoR, I used PHPPear and loved it! Back then I thought PHPPear was the greatest to hit the web for developing database backends. I even used it to build my senior project before graduating in 2005. I was in for a big suprise when I tried ROR. I wish I would have known about Rails then.

Like most people I was a little skeptical about using Rails. I finally decided to purchase the book “Agile Web Development with Rails”, by Dave Thomas and David Heinemeier Hansson and after reading and a rails article http://www.OnLamp.com I was convenced that Ruby with Rails will be the next killer app when it comes to developing database backend sites

With Rails I was able to develop a database app in the matter of minutes with out hardly any work. The Rails framework is an excellent one indeed. I still have a lot to learn, so back to the books for me.

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