>Power a wireless mouse with RFID?

>This is Weird! RFID can be used to track ones where abouts, not power a wireless mouse right?. This is what I thought when I read the title Mouse Uses RFID Instead of Batteries over at Slashdot.

A4 Tech has created the worlds first battery free mouse, which uses A4 Tech’s Innovative Radio Frequency Identification Technology. The mouse, in order for it to work must be accompanied by its trusty friend, the mouse pad. “The Mouse Pad transfers instant and constant power to the mouse as a replacement for batteries.” Even though the mouse is wireless, the mouse pad is not. The mouse pad has a cord that must be connected to the computers USB port for the mouse to work. So, where the mouse pad goes the mouse must follow obediently. Hence the wireless mouse is limited only by the length of the cord which connects the mouse pad to the computer.

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