>Mail: Forward and leave a local copy using .forward

>I have been forwarding email from my school account to my gmail account the very first day I received the 1G offer from gmail. Just recently I had the need to reply back to a particular email from my school account, but realized that no local copies of my mail were left behind at the originating server. This is what I indented from the Gecko get-go, but I just recently I thought it a good idea to just leave a copy behind just in case I needed to reply to an email. This means I will just have to delete mail periodically, so my quota does not get all used up.

A Google search for this solution, forwarding and leaving a local copy of mail, was found in this article on the University of South Wales Computer Science web site

Basically all you have to do in addition to adding a forward address to the .forward file is to pre-prepend your local username before your forward email and delimiting optional sub-sequent email addresses with a comma. For instance, since my username is winful and my address to forward emails is winful@gmail.com, my .forward file looks like the following:


It is as simple as that!

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