>ThinkPads with IPS Technology

>Someone asked a question “What does IPS mean?” while I was reading the fourms at thinkpads.com. I too asked myself that very same question the last time I read the specs for my T43P-H2U in the tabook. From what I can gather, of the responses to this question IPS stands for: Inline-Plane-Switching. This is another name for a Flexview display, which allows for better viewing angles.

X-Bit’s Guide has great details on IPS and other LCD technologies. According to X-Bit’s guide, the IPS technology was originally developed by Hitachi in 1996 and has since been improved by companies such as NEC, IBM, Samsung and others. IBM’s improvement on IPS is better known as Dual Domain IPS (DD-IPS) and they do not share this technology with just anyone.

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