How about using CVS remotely?

Ha! I bet you will like this. I was just on the web checking for how to use CVS from remote machines and came across the following article on

If you want to be able to checkout, commit, import files and projects from your local machine onto and from elvis you can! This is just a matter of how your environment variable is setup in your shell. I am sure there are more advanced setups besides this one for doing the same thing, but this article explains how just to do what I want.

From a local machine just set your CVSROOT variable to:

Wait! Before you do: cvs checkout SomeProject:

You need to set another environment variable. Set CVS_RSH=ssh; this can be placed in your bash_profile or .cshrc file depending on what shell you use. By default CVS uses rsh, so we must explicitly tell the shell to use ssh. In our case it is better to use ssh, which is more secure. Note that this change will prompt you for a password every time you use the cvs command. If this bothers you, then you can generate an authorized key for use with ssh. I will post later on how to generate Authorized keys to be used with ssh or you can just check out OpenSSH.

Ok, now you can do cvs update, import, checkout, or commit just as if you were on elvis!

Let me know how this works if you guys try it out.

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