CVS Repository – Update

Finally got around to setting up our CVS Repository. This Repository is located in our group3 folder with the name ‘Repository’.

Our first project was imported as ‘Project1’ with the following command:

winful@elvis [6:53pm](1):227:~/Fall04/OOD/group3/RootProject1> cvs import Project1 Group3UnixEmulator START

‘Vendor Name’ = Group3UnixEmulator

‘Tag’ = START

Don’t forget to set your CVSROOT environment variable to the absolute path of our Repository. I use the C-Shell so this is what I placed in my .cshrc file:

setenv CVSROOT “/usr/local/projects/OOD-Fall-2004/group3/Repository”

If you have not already read the Article on CVS head to:

It is a very informative article and covers all the basics we should need for our projects.

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