A Blog Just for OOD

Yay! Now we can get to the spankin!! Let’s get started with OOD!

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2 Responses to A Blog Just for OOD

  1. RavenSlay3r says:

    Oh-My… So where do we get started on the OOD project?

  2. arwuah says:

    We can get started once we meet with Baliga and get an approval on the project. Of course, we are going to need a directory setup on ELVIS in which we can all work from.I have already started with a UML document, which I will soon post. It is not too detailed, but roughly outlines the classes we are going to need in order to get started.Now that we have successfully formed our group and have decided on a project (we need a nifty title for this project) we need to setup a task list of who is going to be doing what.Since RavenSlay3r is our lead I will leave that task up to him, but we do need to setup a meeting and have everyone’s attendance. Malus, I know you have problems waking up in the morning, so how we all meet up quickly after class today?

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