>Brief Notes from Poul -Henning Kamp on GBDE

>I am new to this GBDE (GEOM Based Disk Encryption) for now so I am just going to jot down information I find interesting or did not know about for later personal research.

These notes are from http://phk.freebsd.dk/pubs/bsdcan-04.slides.gbde.pdf

GEOM – The framework for classes which perform transformations on disk I/O:
– was developed under DARPA/SPAWAR.
– Is filesystem independent and works at the disk level. The good thing is that these encrypted disk/partitions look just like any other disk. Better yet, GEOM works with UFS1/2. Since I am using FreeBSD-4.10 Stable I may have to upgrade to 5.x if I want to use GBDE. I am really comfortable with 4.10 right not, but I know eventually I will upgrade. For now I will just read up on GBDE.
– Many other filesystems can be used with GEOM, including but not limited to FAT, NTFS, ISO9660 and many more.

How Good is GEOM?:
Well, it is said that unless AES is broken GEOM can not be cracked! That sounds good to me.

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