>1and1 Linux Hosting Setup

>A client of mine just purchased hosting services from 1and1.com and wants me to do web development for him. Initially he signed up for the MS package, but I requested that he change to Linux. The MS package was nice, it came with .NET and all that good stuff, but I am on the go most of the time and every machine I sit at will not have VS.NET waiting for me. The ability to SSH is avaliable on most computers I do work on. This for me will be the best option for now as I can just ssh from where I am and do updating.

Manually I had to transfer all the files from the MS host (the initial service) to my machine which will be transerfed to the Linux host (the new service) once I have my ssh account customized the way I need it.

I need the following files:

– .cshrc

– .vimrc

– .screenrc

I need the following directories:

– phpMyAdmin/

– Backups/

– home/

Just realized this is going to be annoying!!! I HATE how this HOST does not allow you to change their cryptic usernames! I have to use usernames like 34asfa243asf! And their passwords look just the same!

Created one out of three databases to make sure database creation works like I expect. The same problem here even the names of the database created look like password and cannot be changed. The best thing for me to do is just create a log file on the server and document which database I am using and for what reason/application.

-Downloaded phpMyAdmin to work with the one out of three databases only.

-created an .htaccess to protect the database

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