>Really "heated" right about now

>I am feeling really heated right about now. I thought I could just shake the whole situation off and not deal about it, but the more I think about I feel unfairly treated.

I just received an email from one of the companies I interviewed with for an internship this past Tuesday, May 18th. It was not really the fact I did not get the intern but how I received a denial letter dated the day I had the interview. So what was the point for the interview if it was know before hand I was not to be considered given I qualified?

It could not be I did not qualify. This company came to my school for a career fair in which I watch other CS Majors just hand in their resumes and walked away. For my resume, the representative seemed more than interested in my resume and I quote, they said mine was one of the better resumes they look at whole at the fair. Mind you, this career fair was in late March. After waiting a few weeks and not hearing anything I phoned the lady who took my resume at the fair to follow up. It was said my resume was not yet forwarded and would be done as soon as possible. It was said they were still waiting to see if they were going to hire summer interns as it was not done for sometime now. Yet after a few more weeks, I thought of making another follow up call but did not want to seem like a pest so I did not call. Here is where thinks get interesting now that I think about it.

Came mid/late April someone from the CS department lands a full-time position at this company and the funny thing about this is that the interview was conducted over the phone. But see, this person knew someone at the company. How fascinating? From this I figured the company was not going to call me back. I mean I spoke with the two representatives for nearly 30mins while at the career fair. They were interested in my resume so apparently they were interested in me right? So, why even bother and be a pest?

Early May, while looking for other companies and luckily finding one to intern with I get a call from this company. This time from someone different, who said my resume was forwarded, but not from whom it was forwarded from. After hearing this message on my cell inbox, I must admit I was very excited. This was just before my Digital final; I remember it as clear as day. I ran to the lab to use the phone, but no one answered so I left a message. Low and behold I was contacted within the next three business days. We setup an interview for the 18th of May and I started preparing for possible interview questions in my head. After my final I jotted down some questions and pondered the rest while doing more research on the company by visiting their website.

As always, I arrive at my interviews early. For every interview I had this summer, two to count, I arrived an hour early and this interview was no different. I was an hour early before my interview and just waited around before my time. The people seemed really nice and it was interesting to note how my first interviewer was given a speech on open source and was impressed about the essay I wrote about the same topic when my freshman in school ended.

It just pisses me oof when I think about how I was being interviewed on the 18th and the damn denial notice was sent out on the 18th. This is the same day. To me it feels like they were not interested from the start or maybe they were, but when they saw me at the company I probably was not what they wanted. It could have been my attire, my mother never lets me leave the house a mess and neither would my girlfriend. She saw me before I left. Even my professors can attest to me wearing a suit or shirt & tie to classes on several occasions. I dressed for this occasion.

I highly doubt that it was a qualification issue. Besides, this was for an internship and not the purpose of a full-time position, at least not yet. My academics cover the position I was brought in for, Programmer Analyst. And, my interest and personal projects cover most of what I would have done as an intern.

I could keep going down the list. One more thing that tops it off is this: The denial letter says “If a suitable opening does occur in the near future, you will receive every possible consideration.”

Let’s think about this one. I would be a fool to believe the above is true. For one and one reason only, if a suitable opening does occur in the future and I was not selected for this internship opportunity which allows for (free labor + a change to get familiar with staff and the company or even runny errands), why would I even be highly considered in the future? What stopped them from highly considering me now? Fascinating…

After all this I sent this company (those involved with the interview) a thank you letter for their time and consideration a day after the interview and even after receiving the denial letter I sent a thank you to the source of the denial letter.

Everyone I told this to said “not me!”. So tell me, who said “it does not pay to be nice?”

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